D'Anjou Pears
D'Anjou Pears

Juicy and Sweet

About D'Anjou Pears

  • Availability: September through May
  • Did You Know? Ripe: No Color Change

Shorter and rounder than Bartlett, D'Anjou is picked green in September and ripens only after cold storage for a month or more. It softens and becomes light green or greenish-yellow upon ripening. Once ripe, it is soft, juicy, sweet, and smooth-fleshed.D'Anjou originated in France near Angers, in the early 1800's. It is grown commercially in Oregon and Washington for storage, and sold after Bartlett from October through May.Talk to your CMI sale's representive about our pre-ripened D'Anjou pear which comes directly from CMI - ripe, soft, juicy, sweet and ready to eat NOW.

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