About KIKU®

Luis Braun, an apple grower from northern Italy, came across a unique, red-striped apple in an orchard in Japan. He noticed that it was dramatically different from all the other apples in that orchard. He was mesmerized by its super sweet, full-flavored taste, and took a branch from the tree back with him to Italy. Once home he painstakingly set out to grow as many trees as he could, making it his mission to share this new flavor with the world and KIKU® brand apples were born. Since then, the Braun family has licensed a few select growers around the globe to grow and sell KIKU® brand apples.

KIKU® apples are remarkable and have inspired a devoted following among apple connoisseurs. Further, KIKU® apples come only from select growers in strategic regions across the U.S. CMI Orchards and its growers in Washington State (Columbia Fruit Packers) were given the opportunity to develop the North American market for KIKU®. They have enlisted two of the best grower/packers in their respective regions; Rice Fruit Company in Pennsylvania and Applewood Orchards Inc. in Michigan, to proudly bring KIKU® apples to you.

KIKU® brand apples are very exotic, with super sweet taste, attractive striped ruby-red color, crunchy with firm flesh, and very juicy. Look for KIKU® apples at your nearest retail outlet and discover for yourself why KIKU® is quite possibly the sweetest apple you'll ever taste!

KIKU® is a registered trademark of KIKU® Srl-GmbH, Italy. 

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