Once bitten, forever smitten.

About Smitten®

  • Availability: September through December
  • Did You Know? Trials and tests of this variety began in 2005 with breathtaking results that proved it had real potential. With a bright future ahead, the apple needed a name to uniquely identify it in the marketplace. What name would best sum up its many attractive qualities? A name that explains the emotion and joy a consumer will feel after just one bite …and so a brand was born with the name Smitten™.

Smitten®’s flavor and bite are enough to make it a hit, but it has more attractive attributes waiting to surprise us. Its ability to consistently arrive early every season makes it even more irresistible – an early season ‘best eat’ apple was something that had rarely been seen before. Based on such great beginnings the Smitten®, brand apple has the ability for wide-spread appeal, suitable for any occasion: an everyday, anywhere apple that lives up to its tagline from the very first bite: “once bitten, forever smitten”.

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