Cripps Pink/Pink Lady
Cripps Pink/Pink Lady

Born in Australia, grown in Washington

About Cripps Pink/Pink Lady

  • Availability: November through August
  • Did You Know? Cripps Pink/Pink Lady has the longest growing season of any major apple

Cripps Pink/Pink Lady apples were originally bred by John Cripps at the Western Australia Department of Agriculture. In less than 25 years, Cripps Pink/Pink Lady have developed a worldwide following. Consumers love the super tart acidity and hard, dense texture that is unique to this apple. It has one of the longest growing seasons of any apple, requiring 200 days from bloom to maturity. Most of these apples are sold under the generic Cripps Pink variety name rather than the Pink Lady brand name. Many growers prefer to use the "Cripps Pink" name because this eliminates fees for branding and advertising. There is no difference in any quality standards between the two.  

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