From our backyard to yours

We live where we work, raising families among our thriving apple, pear and cherry orchards. Balancing innovation and tradition, we strive to produce the best tasting fruit while conserving resources for future generations. For example, we actively utilize Integrated Pest Management in our orchards to reduce the frequency, application and overall usage of pesticides. We're working to convert orchards to drip irrigation and micro-sprinklers to eliminate excess water application. And we contribute to groups like our local beekeeper association to help enhance the health of our vital honey bee industry. When you truly work where you live, sustainability is a way of life.

bee and white cherry blossoms

Organic Production

CMI Orchards has been a large producer of organic apples pears and cherries for many years. Today, approximately 20% of our total production is USDA certified organic. We expect our organics to increase to 25% of our total production within five years. In 2009 we launched the Daisy Girl Organics brand. Since then Daisy Girl has grown to become the #1 selling branded organic apple in the United States.

Learn more about Daisy Girl organics.

Sustainably grown apple orchard