Import Program


Apples and Cherries from Chile

For the past several years, CMI has partnered with Unifrutti to provide year-round availability of top-quality apples and cherries.

CMI is the exclusive importer of Unifrutti apples and cherries into the US. We take pride in selling Unifrutti products because they pack to the same stringent grade standards as CMI, allowing us to provide consistent quality for our most popular fruit varieties.

CMI imported 30% of all Chilean apples last year, offering bicoastal distribution from our group of Central Washington warehouses and Rice Fruit in Pennsylvania.

Apples and cherries are our business. Decades of experience allow us to ensure quality every step of the way, from Unifrutti's orchards to your produce department.

We offer a large selection of Chilean fruits including:

- Red Cherries
- Rainiers
- Gala
- Granny Smith
- Fuji
- Braeburn
- Pink Lady

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Pears From Argentina

Kleppe S.A. is an over 50 year-old family owned company located in the northern part of the Patagonia, Argentina. There, the rich alluvial soils and unique weather conditions mean excellent conditions to grow fruit, especially in the case of pears.

Specialized in growing, packing and exporting apples and pears, the company grows 30.000 tons of fruit per season and has more acreage planted. Kleppe works with integrated growers that comply with the production directives of the company. The company's production is packed in their own pack house, located in Cipolletti.

Their brand name "Gaucho" is the leading brand in the domestic market and has a reputation for quality both domestically and in the overseas markets. The company exports to over 30 countries including America, Europe and Asia.

Among the varieties of pears, Kleppe S.A. packs Red Clapp`s (Starkrimson), Bartletts, Red Bartletts, Anjou, Red Anjou, Packham`s Triumph, Forelle and G.R.Bosc. Among the apple varieties, Kleppe packs Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Royal Gala, Braeburn, and Pink Lady.