In the heart of the world's finest apple country of Washington State, a new method for enhancing the natural flavor of apples was created and named Grāpple®. The extra fancy apple is bathed through a patented process and in a few days the entire apple takes on the essence and mouth-watering taste of Concord grapes. The combination is outstanding.

Children have been especially fond of Grāpple®. With childhood obesity increasing at alarming rates, the Grāpple® could go a long way to improving the eating habits of children and introducing them to more produce.

Grāpple® makes an outstanding addition to any salad. The wonderful combination of Concord grape and apple flavor make it a perfect compliment to other fruits and vegetables.

And because the Grāpple® is such a special fruit, it is the ideal hors d'oeuvre to serve to your dinner guests. Slice up the Grāpple® and serve it with some sharp cheese for an unforgettable appetizer.

New Grāpple Packaging

One Piece Display Bin

Holds one display box of Grāpples. Ships flat.

Ready Display Box
Height: 7” Width: 24” Depth: 15”

Three different fun tube bags that hold 4 Grāpples®
Three different fun clam shells that hold 4 Grāpples®

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