CMI announces the arrival of KIKU Apples

CMI, one of Washington State’s largest grower/shipper of premium quality conventional and organic apples, pears and cherries, announces the arrival of the 2009 Washington KIKU crop.

Possibly the sweetest apple on earth, the KIKU is a super sweet strain of a Fuji that has been tested to be up to 20% sweeter than traditional Fuji apples. In 1990 Luis Braun, a South Tyrolean fruit grower, was traveling through Japan when he discovered a branch in a Fuji orchard with apples with an attractive coloring and a particularly pleasant taste, which lead to KIKU. Jurgen and Thomas Braun are sons of Luis and have worked to develop the KIKU apple throughout the world. CMI is proud to be the exclusive grower/shipper of the U.S. Grown KIKU Apple and the KIKU is available this season in very limited quantities.

The KIKU apple is very exotic, with a sweet taste, attractive ruby-red color, crunchy with firm flesh, and very juicy. KIKU apples stand out from the crowd; they look good and have a striped, ruby-red coloring over a large amount of the fruit. These features all have a positive effect on your senses as you enjoy a KIKU apple. The KIKU apple is great as snacks, salads and cooking.